Ben Federico Launches Their Redesigned Website

New Website is Designed To Provide a Better Experience For Visitors And Clients.

Miami, Florida – Ben Federico Freight is launching its newly designed website to accommodate the needs of their clients and visitors better. The new site is structured to present information to viewers easily, and it provides access to industry tools and documentation that helps clients and visitors achieve their goals.

“A website’s design should be focused around the needs of the visitors or customers,” said Marcos Mishaan, CEO of Ben Federico Freight. “Unlike the old website, our new website design is strategically built to provide more value to our visitors and customers.”

The new website outlines each of Ben Federico’s services and their corresponding information and value in an easy-to-read and straightforward manner. This lets the visitor quickly find the service they are looking for, and if the service is adequate for their needs. The website also provides quick links to easily generate a quote for the logistics solution they require, as well as several means to contact Ben Federico for additional inquiries.

“By having a well-structured and informational website, our clients can find answers to their logistics queries or easily reach out to us, day-in and day-out,” said Carol Federico-Mishaan, Operations Director of Ben Federico Freight. “Our website also provides helpful industry tools that can assist our clients achieve their goals.”

The industry tools in the new website are meant to provide a faster and independent way to interact with Ben Federico. These tools, such as documentation library, online portal, as well as vehicle dimensions, container dimensions and quote tools, will help their clients perform tasks or obtain necessary information directly from the website.

This effort will propel Ben Federico further to the digital age and provide a better and more efficient experience for their visitors and customers.

About Ben Federico

Ben Federico Freight is a full-service logistics pioneering company that offers honest and best-in-class freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, and customs clearance solutions. Since 1970, Ben Federico has been providing logistics services to customers throughout the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Through Ben Federico’s dedicated and loyal employees, it is fully committed to surpassing its clients’ expectations by providing personalized and customer-focused services that can take their logistics forward.

16 Mar|By Marion Jay Serrano