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Since 1970, Ben Federico Freight has provided freight forwarding services to customers throughout the Caribbean, Central America and South America.


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Ben Federico Assists With Haitian Hospital Renovation

Transporting materials to Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti (HAS), in a country with no nationwide postal service, requires many careful steps to ensure that everything arrives at the hospital safely. Material donations, including those for the current renovations for the project funded by USAID/ASHA, go through a series of steps from their original location until they arrive at the hospital.

Here is the story of how one of the project’s containers arrived at the HAS campus:

1. On March 14, 2014, a container destined for HAS (and donated at a value of $1,600 to HAS by Ben Federico Freight) arrived at the docks in Port-au-Prince. The container was brought directly to HAS for inspection – a special case. Normally, when HAS does not own the container, it will go to the HAS Port-au-Prince office for inspection; this time, the inspector came all the way to HAS.

2. The inspection lasted an hour, after which the container was unloaded completely and the heavy materials were set to the side, thanks to the efforts of 15 temporary workers (see right). The container needed to be empty so as not to overburden the crane that would put the container in its final spot, a concrete pad built specifically for this project.

3. The truck with the container still on it parked on the pad (see right). The crane operator then maneuvered the crane into position, directly next to the truck with the container on top of it. Though it took a few attempts to get the correct positioning, we succeeded in lifting the container vertically about 25 feet, then while the container was in the air, backing the truck out completely, leaving empty the container’s future home.

4. Two men with guiding ropes kept the container from swinging while it was in the air (see right). Once the truck was clear, they gently lowered it onto the pad; the container dropped perfectly in position.

5. The last step was to reload the container with the supplies. With the help of nearly 30 staff and temporary workers, and over the course of two more hours, all materials were put back into the container, completing the process of transporting a container-full of important materials to HAS.

Thanks to the support of USAID/ASHA, as well as Ben Federico Freight, HAS is able to complete the renovations on schedule and continue to improve the hospital, a crucial resource for the 350,000 residents of our district.

Nellie Player
Purchasing and Logistics Specialist
U.S. Operations
The Grant Foundation
Text-to-Give: TextHASHAITI to 20222 to give $10

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