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Ben Federico Freight documents, packs, palletizes, wraps and secures customers' goods so that they arrive in perfect condition.


Ben Federico Freight provides customers with a secure, clean and monitored warehouse from which to stage, consolidate and load items into containers, as well as receive shipments.

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Since 1970, Ben Federico Freight has provided freight forwarding services to customers throughout the Caribbean, Central America and South America.


Ben Federico Freight is named after its founder, Ben Federico, a second generation Italian who believed that his name was his reputation.

Born in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1933 to Italian immigrant parents, he moved to Miami at age 17 and, after working various jobs to earn money for tuition, attended the University of Miami. He was the first member of his family to go to college. He worked three jobs while going to school, graduating in 1956 with a bachelors in business administration degree.

Through a college friend, he immediately went to work for Three Bays Steamship Company, a Miami freight forwarding business, in the traffic, claims and operations department, where he entered and cleared vessels through U.S. Customs.

In the 1960s he worked with Canadian Gulf Line under the management of Ray Shanahan, an early 20th century pioneer in the Miami freight forwarding industry, and later with another firm.

In 1970, Ben opened his own company, offering freight forwarding and consolidation to the West Indies. He was one of the first consolidators to specialize in weekly service to Jamaica. He established relationships with businesses in Jamaica that imported from the U.S. by personally visiting the owners and delivering on his promise to ship freight on time and undamaged. Many of those relationships have continued to the second and third generation of business owners.

Ben worked until his health diminished and he passed away in 1993. His eldest daughter, Carol, who continues his legacy, attributes more than four decades of quality and reliable service with a dedicated staff, loyal clients and Ben Federico Freight’s reputation for tenaciously serving its customers.

Carol Federico-Mishaan and her husband Marcos Mishaan own Ben Federico Freight. Working with a team of dedicated and experienced employees, Carol manages the business, quoting rates, ensuring that federal and destination country customs documents accurately reflect the cargo being shipped, and booking space on container ships.

The key to cost-effective shipping is packing. Marcos oversees the warehouse and loading operations, organizing the shipment prior to loading and visualizing how goods fit compactly into containers. By maximizing the utilization of space, Marcos and his warehouse team help reduce customer costs, and ensure that goods are delivered undamaged. Additionally, Marcos’ team photographs every item prior to packing and palletizing, as well as each phase of the loading process to document the condition of goods prior to shipment.

Genevieve Willocks has two decades of freight forwarding experience with Ben Federico, and is the company’s full container load manager. Genevieve is the contact person for customers shipping less than container loads to the Caribbean, Central America and South America. These individual shipments are typically loaded on pallets and securely strapped, shrink wrapped and labeled by customer prior to loading. Her strong organizational skills help customers to ship their freight cost-effectively and on time.

Dahlia Dunkley is the company’s less than container load manager. Dahlia coordinates customers’ shipments, ensuring that the contents are accurate, properly identified, and correspond with government paperwork.

Combined, we are a cohesive team, working diligently to forward freight on behalf of our customers.

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